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About me

 Thrive with Harmony

A blend of spirituality, practical life & business strategy to help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and claim the life you deserve. 

I'm a big dreamer, a lover of beach vibes, and a connoisseur of sipping gin while exploring the world. With my 20+ years experience as a high achieving business leader, I know how it feels to hustle 24/7 to try and get ahead in life- the exhaustion is real.


I suffered for years with stress and anxiety in my corporate career, and I can assure you it takes a toll on more than just your nervous system. It impacts your career, business, relationships, mental focus, energy and physical health and if left untreated, slowly diminishes your personality too.

That's¬†why I've combined my mentoring skills with qualifications in yoga and meditation, to guide and mentor you in creating a life that's bold, beautiful, stress free and uniquely designed to bring you joy‚ÄĒjust like jumping in the ocean on a hot day!

I specialise in helping busy, ambitious women like you to find an achievable work-life balance that's free from stress and anxiety. Not just with your career or business but in every aspect of your life so you can have more quality time and freedom to have fun with your family, friends and living your dream life.

Through my personalised mentoring programs and transformative retreats, I provide the support and guidance you need to make this vision a reality.¬†I've walked in your shoes‚ÄĒI know the constant stress, the pressure to please everyone, and the feeling of being trapped in the status quo. But trust me, it doesn't have to be this way!

Let's get you away from stress and into a thriving life with more harmony & happiness!

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The Harmony Philosophy 

Work- life balance sounds easier said than done, but when you have a mentor... it actually is. 


The "thrive with harmony" philosophy and methods are designed to harmonise all aspects of your life so it feels less like a constant tug of war over where your energy goes and more like a yacht trip in the Maldives. Fluid, crystal clear and a heaps of FUN!

Learn how to:

  • Cultivate self-awareness and invite in more self compassion
  • Overcome personal fears and embrace your unique magic¬†
  • Implement boundaries to support your life and protect your energy
  • Ditch old habits and beliefs holding you back from getting to the next level
  • Design a life you're proud of, that feels in alignment with who you truly are
  • Embrace an abundant life & business ~ without the guilt.

Finally, be proud of who you are with self respect and more confidence. 

Personal 1:1 Mentoring

Personalised 1 to 1 Mentoring for ambitious women looking for support to create a stress free life that takes you out of fight and flight mode and into a life filled with more peace, and space for joy and adventures. 

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Experiences & Events

The Harmony Experience is about immersing yourself in our unique signature retreats and experiences, that allow you to take a break from your outer world and deep dive inward with dedicated time to embody and integrate practical stress management practices into your every day life.

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