Join our Yin and Yang Balancing Retreat for a

calmer, happier you! 

SUNDAY, MAY 19th, 10:30 AM - 2PM
Spanda Yoga Studio, 24C South St, South Fremantle WA

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You’re invited to the "Cultivating Harmony: Yin & Yang Balance Retreat," a unique experience designed for ambitious businesswomen. Rediscover your inner feminine energy and boost both your personal and professional life with restorative practices, renewed energy, and the empowering nature of vulnerability. Understand how embracing your feminine side can bring more harmony to your dual paths of life & business.


Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

Engage in a gentle yin yoga & meditation practice to beautifully balance your yin and yang energies for cultivating deep inner and outer peace & harmony. 

Self-Reflection Workshops

Explore self inquiry techniques to uncover your feminine desires, express yourself more vulnerability that enables you to connect more deeply with loved ones and clients and find the missing piece to your version of balance.

Empowering Community

Connect with new soul~sisters who understand exactly what you’re experiencing in a judgement free space where vulnerability is viewed as a superpower.

This retreat is for you if you want:

  • Strategies to balance your assertive and nurturing sides in business and life.
  • Practical tools to blend strength with serenity in your daily rituals.
  • A personalised action plan for harmonising your business goals with personal joy and embodiment practice.
  • Insights into maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance.
  • A network of like-souled businesswomen who embrace both yin and yang energies and attitudes.
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What's Included in your package?

  • Peaceful & Calming Venue 
  • Welcome ceremony & intention setting
  • Yin Yoga & Meditation Practice (beginner friendly, gentle & restorative)
  • Mentoring & Wellness Session (insightful & reflective)
  • Worksheets & Resources to support integration
  • All equipment supplied
  • Nourishing Snacks & Refreshments


  • Free gift
  • Discounts off future events

Exchange: $222 (4 x $55.50 payments also available)

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What our guests say...

Meet Your Host

Hey, I'm Harmony!

I'm your expert mentor, retreat host & facilitator here to support you in getting out of fight 'n flight mode and into a life that feels like a breath of fresh (sea) air, so that you can reconnect with your creativity, passions, make new connections and cultivate self love. 

After experiencing career burnout in my former career (of 20yrs) I'm now an advocate for experiencing life to its fullest, bathing in the bluest of blue waters, a connoisseur of sipping gin whilst exploring the world- one mindful experience at a time.

I have concocted the perfect blend of soul driven determination, career credentials, qualifications and lived experiences to support high-achieving women through life's exhausting juggling act of "too many things to do and not enough time."

With decades worth of expertise in large commercial organisations and small business, as well as expert knowledge in yoga, meditation, and mindful living, I help individuals and businesses hit reset on their stressful & mundane routines, systems and beliefs to optimise their potential that feels refreshingly balanced~ just like the feeling of jumping into the ocean on a hot day! 

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