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Personalised business mentoring for soul driven business owners who want to thrive with harmony. 

Ready to go all in your soulful business? 

Lemme guess…

You like your schedule tight expansive and your desk instaworthy tidy, but reality is you're up to your eyeballs 👀in coffee and it’s a "chaotic," rinse and repeat routine of long hours scrolling working, cooking, cleaning, running errands… It. Just. Never. Ends. 

You’re just one spilt latte away from becoming a monk and moving to a monastery. Ahh, the silence.

You love the hustle, the thrill of sharp gin and tonics deadlines and working under pressure but let's be real… your nervous system thinks you’re being chased by a ferocious toddler lion and you’re running for your life! (cos you practically are).

Phew! 😮‍💨 It's time to slow down.

Connect in. Refocus, so that you can hit your business targets and claim your dream lifestyle of more freedom and fun. 

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Trust me when I say this (because I've been there)... your mental, physical, and emotional body, cannot keep up. It’s time for a more energetically sustainable way of living and working.

You currently feel...

  • Anxious and stressed out worried about juggling all the life admin things, keeping in shape, having a good sex life, getting the kids to school, showing up on socials, making sales and keeping up with societies enlist list of expectations, phew! 
  • You’re flipping out 🫣 about how you’re going to pay the bills when you can’t even show up for yourself let alone clients, and you're surviving off caffeine to perk up and wine to wind down. 
  • Sometimes you don’t feel good enough and you think doing another course will make you more worthyqualified” but now you have more knowledge and no idea how to turn it into a service people will pay for.
  • Saying yes seems easier than disappointing people and at least you don’t have to think for yourself, but now that "me time," you keep promising yourself is a long lost friend you may never see again
  • You want a highly profitable business with financial freedom, boujee brunches and Friday’s off but you're working 24/7, you barely have time to scratch your hoo-ha and don’t recall the last time you felt truly rested~ if only you could just get a good nights sleep 🥴

Oh, and you’re working for the toughest boss you’ve ever hadYOU!

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Imagine this instead...

  • You create your dream life and rework your business model so that works for you not against you~ maybe now you could finally take that trip, hire a helper, or book a date night!
  • You get to spend quality time with family and friends, (instead of yelling at them or cancelling plans) and discover there's more to life than being glued to your screen.
  • You can invest time and energy into developing your skills and growing a team to help scale your business and it feels easy with systems & processes set up to support you.
  • You travel more often thanks to shorter work weeks with more free time for the bucket-list of dreams you’ve always wanted to experience, you can work remotely not feel stressed out every day.
  • You finally have a crystal clear 🔮 vision on what you offer in business and how you can impact more people with your unique magic (and you believe in it).
  • You have a simple yet sustainable (energetically and otherwise) strategy that is consistent and aligns with your personal and business values, it feels in flow and exactly like the real YOU.
  • You only work with dream clients and never overcommit because you found out that boundaries are in fact- pretty fucking cool when you believe you're worth it.
  • You’re not afraid to check your bank account because you know (and understand) your finances and how to achieve your ideal lifestyle not to mention you actually have cash flow to bigger moves and bank some profit.
  • You turn your “little” business into a profitable company that offers you the finer things in life~ like boujee yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ retreats and trips to the Maldives.

The shadow you once thought defined who you were (bye bye inner critic, anxiety & burnout) is finally lifted and your wellbeing is now top priority, you have a positive mindset, you're making money growing your business and most importantly you know who the heck you are!


If this sounds like the kinda life you’d be happy to get a front row ticket to... 

Let me guide you, in creating your dream vision for a truly thriving business and life that allows you to live a more content life. 


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