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2. Kate’s Success: Making Clients over $1M Without Burning Out

Season #1

Today I interview Kate White, the creative genius and Kajabi expert. She is the Launch Queen who helped me launch my program, The High Performance Hive.

She helps you get any course out there launched and making you money. She has so far made businesses over a million dollars in revenue.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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    • Email: [email protected]
    • LinkedIn:
    • Kate White Instagram:
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    • Launch Queen website:

In this episode we cover:

    • Introduction to Kate White
    • How Harmony and Kate met
    • Kate’s interests and hobbies
    • Kate explains what her business, Launch Queen, does; takes you from step one of, “I want to launch an online course”, all the way to your actual launch day.
    • Kate helps you design your offer, pricing, curriculums, to make it a kick ass offer.
    • What Kate is passionate about is the consistency of making revenue from an online program.
    • Kate tells us about her family and how they’re all high achievers.
    • How Kate was disappointed that she wasn’t a natural writer, unlike other members of her family.
    • How she started her launching career in one of her dad’s companies.
    • Kate tells us how she juggles a fully booked business and her personal life.
    • Having a great team was a game changer for Kate.
    • Kate shares her experiences of burnout, guilt, and anxiety.
    • How she hired her first team member so that she could grow her business to the level she wanted.
    • Kate tells us how she started connecting mindset with business and that resting was the key to achieving her goals.
    • Kate shares with us her biggest achievement to date, her fails, and how these fails have helped her to improve her business.
    • Kate answers some of Harmony’s fast fire questions.
    • How people can connect with Kate.