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3. How Facing Fears Helped Niav Create Her Dream Life as a Digital Nomad. Interview with Niav Konno

Season #1

Today I am so excited for our very special guest Niav Konno, who left home at 18, because she knew that there was more out there for her. Since then, she has travelled the world.

She has lived in Perth when she quit her 9-5 job and became an entrepreneur.

Now she’s a digital nomad, living and travelling Croatia. She's a social media strategist, a content creator, and absolutely loves the freedom and flexibility of working remotely in her business and meeting inspiring business owners.

She is also a very good friend of mine, and she is one of our bees inside of the High Performance Hive Coaching Program.

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In this episode we cover:

    • Introduction to Niav
    • Niav’s travel story, starting with her first big move overseas trip at the age of 18, when she moved to London.
    • Niav quit her job and started her own business so that she wouldn’t have to ask for annual leave anymore. She specialises in social media marketing for small businesses, and her job is now based from her laptop or phone! She can work anywhere that has Wi-Fi.
    • What Niav’s 9-5 job was like before she quit.
    • Towards the end she found herself burnt out, exhausted, emotional, and didn't have the right support in her working environment.
    • Niav dropped down to 4 days a week at work so that she could focus on starting her business. But she was spreading herself too thin and it wasn’t working out sustainably.
    • At the same time, she was in a group coaching program for entrepreneurs. Other entrepreneurs were recommending that she quit her job and focus on her business. So, one day, she took the risk and did just that! That was three years ago now.
    • Before she quit her job the atmosphere in the office was bad. Leadership had changed and staff were frustrated and upset. This was when Niav realised that no job is worth this.
    • Niav enjoyed working with her colleagues and didn’t want to let them down, but she knew she had to quit her job.
    • How Niav balanced her 9-5, her own business and Covid.
    • Niav tells us the pros and cons of being in a group coaching program.
    • Niav’s earliest memory of being a high achiever when she was 6 years old!
    • How Niav didn’t realise she was a high performer until she watched Harmony’s free webinar. After watching the webinar, she joined the High Performance Hive coaching program.
    • The activities in the program really lit her up and made her excited.
    • Harmony points out how Niav is the epitome of a high performer: she knows that there is more out there and doesn't care how hard it's going to be. She chases it no matter what.
    • Niav joined the High Performance Hive to be surrounded by inspiring women and for Harmony to kick her bum and chase her dreams.
    • The universe gave Niav a push after her long-term relationship ended in Australia, and she ended up moving to Croatia.
    • She realised she could still have amazing clients and a thriving business is she moved overseas.
    • Niav joined the High Performance Hive for both business support and personal development. She needed it after these big life changes.
    • Niav tells us her biggest realisation for herself since joining the program: her limiting beliefs and how she’s afraid of judgement.
    • How these limiting beliefs have stopped her from achieving what she wanted. The High Performance Hive has helped her recognise her capabilities and to not be afraid.
    • How Niav started a TikTok, just for research, and she ended up going viral.
    • Through this success she decided to expand her service. She now offers clients, not just support on Instagram, but TikTok support too.
    • How she created a new community on TikTok.
    • She now also works with Croatian based businesses in her local area.
    • Niav was scared when she left Australia, but she believed in herself more than the fear.
    • Harmony asks Niav some fast fire questions.
    • Interview wrap up and where you can find Niav.