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5. Tips for Managing Start-Up Stress

Season #1

Today is our first knowledge bomb episode, where I talk about managing stress. I've got six tips for you that will help you manage the stress of being in a startup business or still being new in your business, that will change the game for you.

In this episode we cover:

    • A reminder to take a break and remember your why.
    • Step 1: Be crystal clear on what you want.
    • Step 2: Make time for yourself.
    • Step 3 Communicate often.
    • Step 4: Get new friends.
    • Step 5: Get out there and engage with people.
    • Step 6: Get yourself a mentor or coach.
    • That staying motivated, positive, and looking after yourself is most important.
    • How retreats can support you.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode: