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7. How Retreats Saved My Life and How They Can Save Yours Too

Season #1

<p>Today I have some epic knowledge bombs for you on how retreats can have a transformational impact on your personal and professional life.</p>

<p>Getting out of your comfort zone is life changing. Retreats help you disconnect from the stress of everyday life to find clarity and balance.</p>

<p><strong>In this episode we cover:</strong></p>
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<li>Going into retreats with an open mind can expose you to different experiences.</li>
<li>They can be a great place to show up as yourself, free of any judgement.</li>
<li>There are people out there to help you, without the use of traditional medicine.</li>
<li>Retreats can open doors to a new way of thinking.</li>
<li>Attending events with like-minded people creates great friendships.</li>
<li>Networking in person in a positive environment can open doors to new ventures.</li>
<li>Retreats offer space for you to bring self-care and mindfulness into your life.</li>
<li>These are great places to be vulnerable and create deep connections.</li>
<li>Finding a retreat that suits you is important, along with a facilitator you can relate to.</li>
<li>You can gain new perspectives that make you flourish.</li>

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