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8. Emily’s Journey: From Teacher to Award Winning Specialised Tutor

Season #1

Today I am speaking with Emily who is a successful tutor and went from starting a business to being booked out in 10 weeks. We chat about making the leap to jump careers and start your own business.

Listen in as we celebrate Emily’s success and find out the steps she took to get there.

In this episode we cover:

    • Transitioning from a career to starting a business.
    • How research is so important to know the market and your costs.
    • Pursuing your passion to serve the community.
    • How to manage stress and avoid burnout.
    • Creating boundaries and sticking to them.
    • Being consistent with advertising and marketing efforts because it does pay off.
    • Blocking out time for your business.
    • Being open to feedback can lead to growth.
    • Having interests outside of work gives your mind a break and a chance to switch off.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode: